Brushed truffle

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Fresh black truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) weighing at least 45 to 50 grams, brushed and unwashed.

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Intense, authentic, unique. That perfectly captures black truffles from Teruel.

Black truffles from Teruel are the guarantee of quality truffles cultivated in optimal conditions in the mountains of Teruel under a rich soil forged by the cold and the ideal moisture levels to give the truffles their unmistakable scent and flavour.

They are a product with a high culinary value which can be used to scent other foods like eggs or butter, or as the perfect complement to meat, fish, pasta and even desserts.

Product Data


Tuber Melanosporum or winter black truffle

Otras características

Truffle conservation

Even though the Tuber melanosporum harvesting period only lasts during the winter months, black truffles can be enjoyed all year round.

Fresh black truffles remain perfectly fresh up to two weeks if stored between 0 and 4o C, with minimum care and daily cleaning, and their conservation can be extended to around ten months in the freezer.

To freeze truffles, it is recommended to wrap each unit in aluminium foil and place it in a freezer bag. There is no need to fully thaw it before use; instead you can directly shave the frozen truffle onto the dish you are preparing.

To learn more, visit our webpage on conserving and caring for truffles.

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